Well just TOO MUCH people ask me; "Dude how i can download videos from Youtube.com", well it's quite simple, just have to follow some simple steps, if you wanna lear just read above.

So, How to download Youtube's Videos?

I'll explain step by step, you should follow the instructions closely, just in case EVERYTHING you will need is 100% FREE.

1. You HAVE to have firefox installed cause the downloader NEEDS firefox, you can get it here:

2. You will need to download this Firefox extension called "video downloader", you can get it here:

3. If you wanna know how to use the installed extension, watch This Flash Toturial, pretty simple.

4. Now you wanna watch the video, just download the latest version of the VLC Player, it's BEST FREE player around, it can play almost everything including of course .flv movies GET IT HERE.

DONE!, so you people can now save your favourite Youtube's videos, enjoy.

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