Green Day Nimrod Album Review
The Dissappearing Boy

Nice Guys Finish Last- A good opening to the album with good guitar and bass. Great video. 8/10

Hitchin' a ride- Billie Joe's writing ability shows up again here with clever lyrics and it has got a good guitar riff. 7/10

The Grouch- Catchy, funny but clever lyrics, it is a song for everyone who loves a good moan. Only GreenDay could do a song that has fifteen swear words and do it with such skill! Equal best on album 10/10

Redundant- A good chorus and decent tune one of my favorites on the album. 7/10

Scattered- Not my favorite song, sometimes I like it sometimes I don't. Today it is 6/10

All the time- Same as above, a bit better. 7/10

Worry Rock- Slightly calmer than all the time, I love the line "f*cked without a kiss again". 7/10

Platypus (I hate you)- Absolutely Brilliant! Everyone has at least one person that they absolutely hate their guts and would dearly love to carry out everything that is described in this song on that person. No holds barred on this song, just look at the lyrics (there is one line that is completely swearing!) 10/10

Uptight- About someone who wants to commit suicide. It has a quieter start but really kicks off in the chorus. A good song 8/10

Last Ride in- Greenday, don't ever do an instrumental song again! It Just isn't the same. Boring, I always skip it. 4/10

Jinx- Back to normal with the opening line "I f*cked up again". Again a well written and funny lyrics. It is about someone who always has bad luck when it comes to love. 8/10

Haushinka- I think it is about a girl Billie Joe met in Japan. Has a different sound to the other songs. Not bad. 7/10

Walking Alone- About someone who feels that they are completely alone and that they don't have any friends and that everytime they say pr do somethjing it is always wrong. Again a different sound with the Harmonica. Good song 8/10

Reject- A typical Billie Joe song. Apparently someone bought Insomniac and wrote into Greenday complaining about it. Billie Joe's response was a letter and this song. Again great lyrics. 8/10

Take Back- Possibly Greenday's shortest ever song lasting just over a minute. Again, something different with Billie Joe practiclally screaming in the chorus. 7/10

King for a Day- A bit of light relief after the last three songs. Sounds great with the horns at the begginiong and middle and has a great comedy value. 9/10

Good Riddance (Time of your life)- Again absolutely brilliant. This song is directed at everyone who turned their back on the boys after they made it big, and Billie Joe showed his cleverness. Instead of producing a fast-paced song full of swearwords, they produced a simple solo with a guitar and brilliantly simple lyrics. Awesome 10/10

Prosthetic head- About people who try to be something that they aren't. A Good strong chorus but calm verse a nice ending to the album. 7/10

Still my favorite Greenday album. It shows their ability because it ranges from the hardest stuff they have done (Platypus, The Grouch, Jinx, Reject) to the lightest stuff (King for a Day) to stuff that is completely different (Last Ride in, Haushinka, Walking alone, Time of Your life). An excellent album 9/10

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