Green Day Warning Album Review
by Car Buzz

Billie Joe, Mike and Tre's natural talent for song writing really shows on this album, as they have shown on previous albums there’s a great sense of melody in every song with working class song writers such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen maybe being of some influence. On this album there also is a sense of retro rock and roll in songs such as Hold on and Macys Day Parade sounding like something the Beatles or The Kinks could have come up with, therefore these types of bands would also be considered an influence on this album. Also songs such as Minority, Blood Sex and Booze and Deadbeat Holiday show their great sense of fun and childlike attitude. Minority and Warning has a sense of politics or a desire to be your own person which makes these the stand out songs for the album.

Its interesting to hear a number of new instruments on this album with the band bringing in additional musicians to play on some of the songs, my favourite especially is the saxophone on Jackass which is good fun and adds again an old fashioned element to the song. Other interesting choices of instrument are a mandolin and an accordion, shows that the band are prepared to experiment with different sounds including the acoustic guitar sound that I’m a big fan of and enjoy listening to.

My favourite song on the album would have to be Misery, the interesting mix of instruments like the farfisa and maybe the accordion makes it sound slightly Italian or something from the streets of America.

This album is slightly different to all the other albums and might be considered as the bands mature album but the it contains some great pop songs and so shouldn’t be judged as harshly as it has been. The band hasn’t changed on this album its just difference in direction, the attitude, heart and intelligence is still there. Some fans might be disappointed with this album saying it doesn’t have the energy of their previous work but if you like good old fashioned poppy punk rock or like the acoustic sound I would highly recommend this album. Personally I find this album underrated and so is worth listening to more than once because you cant always judge an album just by one listen.

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